Update, June 2017

With Officer support from Havant Borough Council, our target date for the refurbishment of the play area of Hayling Park is now Spring 2018.

We have promised or actually in our bank account, £64,000. We are hoping to have a total of £80,000 by the time of the refurbishment. This was the amount we spent on Mengham Park and we think this amount would enable a play park of a similar standard.

We will be looking for any sources of funding in the next few months, any suggestions gratefully received. To raise money, not to spend it please!

I know several residents have asked for a splash park, this however would take a great deal more money than time or effort allow us to raise. It also has an ongoing maintenance cost which PP4H cannot support.

It was always our intention to close PP4H after our third project, which Hayling Park Play Park will be.