Tescos Bags of Help Fund

Sorry it's been a bit quiet over the summer. They do allow us holidays, believe it or not. :-D

Now we're back with a bang!

We all know how slightly annoying the 5p charge for store carrier bags is, don't we? Well now you can do some good with this little expense.

Play Parks for Hayling has been shortlisted for the Tesco Bags of Help Fund. This means that we will receive up to £12,000 from Tescos towards our cause.

All you have to do is shop at Tescos in West Town Hayling. You will be given a token which you then place in one of 3 bins at the exit. So, which bin will you put it in? If you're not sure we can send someone round to help you! The voting period starts on 26 September and ends on 9 October so we don't have a lot of time. Please, PLEASE help us to raise the funds we need to continue our mission.

This is a great opportunity to continue our work in refurbishing the play parks on Hayling Island. A cause supported by local groups and of course, the kids themselves.

Our current project to upgrade the Skate Park is almost complete and it's due to re-open on 16 September after safety checks. More follows.....