Update 7 July 2016

I would like to give a factual update on the refurbishment/ongoing maintenance of the Hayling Skate Board Park.

The remit was to repair the existing ramps, and repaint. There was no authority to replace or alter any ramps.

Unfortunately two items were replaced with others by the contractors without discussion with us or HBC. The reason given was that they were not available "off the shelf."

I have asked for quotes for them to be made bespoke and am waiting for this information now.

If any user would like to discuss this with me, I am available. But I will not respond to the comments I have been told have been posted on an alternative FB page.

This project is by PP4H, the HBC Community Officers advise us as the park is on HBC land.

All the money has been raised by us by bids to mostly national charities, with some also given by local people. No tax payers funding has been sought or used.