Play Parks for Hayling's blog

Update - 8 Sept 2014

This Wednesday Debbie and Leah will be meeting our third Play Park equipment provider. It will be very interesting to hear the different ideas and suggestions.

Am quite amused that one gives large discounts and one doesn't. Obviously the starting price must be inflated then reduced by the discount? Why do firms do this? Do they think we are silly?

Have had a fourth firm contact us. Will only contact them if the first three are not suitable. Each design takes their time and ours.

No news of our funding applications as yet. Itching to phone one, but, will be patient.

Update - 4 Sept 2014

Debbie Surridge and Leah Turner have had a meeting today with a second Play Equipment provider. They will now go away and draw up a design to our requirements. We expect to receive this in a couple of weeks.

Update 28 August 2014

Latest update on our project.

Andy Lenaghan and Leah Turner had a successful meeting on the 26/8/14. They will be supporting us but we have not as yet had confirmation of the amount. Hope to hear soon.

We have two funding applications outstanding for quite large amounts. One we may hear by December, the other not until next year.

Funding Application

A further local funding application has been put in today on behalf of PP4H. Will be some time before we hear whether we have been successful.

On 26 August Andy Lenaghan and I are also meeting a prospective Sponsor at the Park to discuss how they may become involved.

Things are looking hopeful in the long term, we have to be patient for now though.

Update 9 August 2014

We have just submitted a bid for funding that we have spent some 20 hours+ writing. We will not have an idea whether or not we are successful until December.

Also, one of the major companies we have approached for funding has asked to meet us on site in the next couple of weeks. We think that this sounds very promising.

More news to follow as we hear from prospective Sponsors.


The main focus for PP4H at this time is fundraising.

The Island's children have made it very clear what they would like to have, but until funds allow we can not proceed.

I found another source of funding recently, but, when I pursued it they said "apply again in October as we have used all our funds for the financial year ending in October." Debbie Surridge is also following a lead on Hayling

We don't think putting boxes in shops will raise the sort of money we need. In my experience boxes raise very little, and at this time we are not a registered charity.

Getting started..

The children of Hayling have been asking for a modern Play Park for some time through their school's Councils. We know that neither Central or Local Government are able to fund this, so decided it should be a Community project.

WPC Debbie Surridge then arranged a Charity Abseil last September at Ward Court, on Hayling Seafront. After expenses we raised £5,900 which is now in a dedicated bank account called Play Parks for Hayling. This account has three signatories, Debbie Surridge, Andy Lenaghan and Leah Turner. All must sign for any money to be withdrawn.