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Santa Comes to Town!

Looking forward to tonight and tomorrow night, 2nd and 3rd December travelling around parts of West Town and Seafront on Hayling with Santa and his Sleigh. The Sleigh is out between 5.30pm and 7.30pm. Come a see us and help us to raise funds.

Full details of the route are on the Lions Club of Hayling website. (

Thank you very much to all the volunteers who are helping us raise money for Play Parks for Hayling.

Father Christmas needed!

The gentleman who was going to help us on the Santa Sleigh on the 2nd and 3rd of December is now not available.

We will be collecting between 5.30pm and 7.30pm on the above evenings on a route to be confirmed on Hayling.

The Lions will lend us a Santa Suit, as long as our Santa is not huge!

I have been told that I am not acceptable to do this as a female, so need help of the male variety.

Help us please, to raise money for our Play Parks!

Update - 18 Oct 2014

Finally yesterday, our largest application for funding has gone ahead to the final decision stage.

This will now be decided by a regional panel on 8th December 2014.

This has been the most complicated, frustrating and complex application I have ever undertaken! Many thanks must go to Debbie Surridge, Andy Lenaghan and one of the HBC Community Team Officers for their input. Without which we would never have got this far.

Now we wait, no more we can do.

Now who else has some money???

New Sponsor for PP4H!

Very pleased to confirm that we are to receive an initial cheque from the Paris to Hayling Charity Cycle Ride, with a possible second one to come.

We are very excited about this! They are to promote us as their 30th year special cause.

This is such good news, a special thank you to Peter McQuade.

Update - 30 Sept 2014

Our biggest funding bid came back with six more questions.Thank goodness for Andy Lenaghan, he suggested which Officers at HBC would be able to help. Everything has now gone back to them again now. I estimate the bid has taken around 25+ hours so far. All worth it if we are successful though.

Still won't hear whether we have been successful until early December, but at least we are still in the running.

We need your help!

To all the people who have offered their physical help for our project! Now is the time please.

On Tuesday 2nd December and Wednesday 3rd December between 5.30pm and 7.30pm, we need 7 helpers.

The Lions Club of Hayling have very kindly offered us these two evenings as the Community Group to benefit from the Christmas Sleigh that will travel around Hayling.

Update 17 Sept 2014

Yesterday Andy Lenaghan and I met with Pete McQuade from the Paris to Hayling Bike Ride.

Pete has promised us their support for our Play Park project! Great news for us, and we are very grateful. We will have more details after 1st October when Pete will put our case to the full committee.
Proving again the Bike Ride's commitment to local people and projects.

Updates will follow as we get them.

The Evening News will be writing an article about us with photos soon. Hopefully raising our profile in the Community.

Update - 12 Sept 2014

Our third Play Park equipment provider didn't arrive at 10am. When we phoned he said I can get there at 1pm. We declined his offer!

We have had two more companies approach us, and we are seeing another one next Wednesday at 11.30am. We feel that three designs/estimates are needed to give us the widest choice.

Now, a tease! We have been contacted by someone through our website, who may support us financially. Very excited, but until this is definite can't say more.