Update, June 2017

With Officer support from Havant Borough Council, our target date for the refurbishment of the play area of Hayling Park is now Spring 2018.

We have promised or actually in our bank account, £64,000. We are hoping to have a total of £80,000 by the time of the refurbishment. This was the amount we spent on Mengham Park and we think this amount would enable a play park of a similar standard.

We will be looking for any sources of funding in the next few months, any suggestions gratefully received. To raise money, not to spend it please!

Play Parks for Hayling Fundraising

Although we did not receive an award from Aviva, the voting system was very complicated and we were in competition with thousands of other projects..................

I am delighted to tell everyone that we have been award the top prize of £12,000 in the Tesco Bag for Help Awards.

With the Skate Park renovation now completed, we will continue to fundraise for the play area of Hayling Park, our third and last project.

Thank you everyone who voted for us.

Tescos Bags of Help Fund

Sorry it's been a bit quiet over the summer. They do allow us holidays, believe it or not. :-D

Now we're back with a bang!

We all know how slightly annoying the 5p charge for store carrier bags is, don't we? Well now you can do some good with this little expense.

Play Parks for Hayling has been shortlisted for the Tesco Bags of Help Fund. This means that we will receive up to £12,000 from Tescos towards our cause.

Update 7 July 2016

I would like to give a factual update on the refurbishment/ongoing maintenance of the Hayling Skate Board Park.

The remit was to repair the existing ramps, and repaint. There was no authority to replace or alter any ramps.

Unfortunately two items were replaced with others by the contractors without discussion with us or HBC. The reason given was that they were not available "off the shelf."

I have asked for quotes for them to be made bespoke and am waiting for this information now.

Update 29 June 2016

Thank you very much to the Hayling Island Business Men's Club who are the latest sponsor for Play Parks for Hayling.

Our grateful appreciation to HIBC, The Paris to Hayling Cycle Ride and The Lions Club of Hayling. Without you all, our refurbishment of the Hayling Island Skate Board Park would be taking place much later than it will be.

Update 15 June 2016

The refurbishment of the Hayling Island Skate Park will start soon and will hopefully be completed in time for the summer school holidays.

The park will shut for around two weeks for the work to be completed.

We hope we will be able to have design murals similar to Mengham Park in the near future.

Update 5 June 2016

Thank you so much to the Paris to Hayling Bike ride, for the additional donation you have made to PP4H today towards our Skate Park refurbishment.

A little birdie tells me that another Hayling Charity may be about to donate to us.

I will post as soon as I get confirmation.

We are thrilled that our endeavours on behalf of our young people are supported by our Hayling Community.

Update 4 June 2016

The Hayling Skate Board Park now. Still safe to use, but rather dull and getting rusty.

The youngsters still use it though. Looking forward to the revamp.

We are once again being supported by The Lions Club of Hayling Island, whose help we are very grateful to have, thank you.