Play Parks for Hayling is a community project aiming to replace the play equipment in Hayling parks with modern and safe playgrounds. The first park to be modernised is Mengham Park, identified by the children of Hayling Schools as their priority site.

The objective is to provide play equipment that will give our children the incentive to play outside in a safe and secure environment, have fun and interact with other children. As a plan for the future, if funds permit, there is room in Mengham Park where with the help of local residents we could build a bike/skateboard park. It is possible that a lot of the clearing of the land could be done ourselves to save money.

The original members of the PP4H project are

  • WPC Debbie Surridge, a member of the Hayling Safer Neighbourhood Team and a mother of two.
  • Cllr Andy Lenaghan from Hayling West, a father and grandfather, keen to see any facilities on Hayling updated.
  • Cllr Leah Turner from Hayling East, who after attending local Community Groups, is responding to a need that both the local children and their families have identified for more up to date play areas on Hayling.

The Project is a non political and run by the Community, for the Community.

Support us now!

Donations to Play Parks for Hayling are very welcome and we appreciate your generosity.

You can support us is by sending a cheque made out to "Play Parks for Hayling" to:

Play Parks for Hayling
c/o Cllr Leah Turner
15 Nicholas Court
Hayling Island
PO11 0BQ

You can also support Play Parks for Hayling simply by doing your online shopping via easyfundraising.

All you have to do is go to (click the logo, on the right) then click "Support us now", register and you're done!

When you shop at any of the stores listed, PP4H will receive a donation from the retailer.  It costs you nothing!  How simple is that?

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